Good news for all Clair Obscur fans, I've retrieved another live recording. This time from 1986, "In Out" period, actually their 1st LP. And more than "In Out period", tracks for this album were especially composed for this show, for the festival 'Musiques Mutantes' at the TLP Dejazet. According to the "In Out" liner notes : "These titles were composed for a performance within the context of the first Festival des Musiques Mutantes at the TLP Dejazet, Paris on 25 October 1986. They were played at the Radio France for the programme "Clair de Nuit" on France Culture on the 29 March 1987. Then they were recorded at Studio du Quai de la Loire on 2 tracks stereo-digital on 12 May 1987 between 9.00 and 12.00 a.m."



So it's a great document. Of course don't expect for high sound quality, it's not the aim of this post, we are ok ? Only for fan ! For better sound, this live has been re-issued by infrastition Fr/En.