Hi, for the first anniversary of this blog I've decided to post the two cassettes by Fra Dolcino, the first band I played in.

Fra Dolcino was formed by five schoolmates in Vichy (center of France) : Philippe (guitar), Christophe (drums), Jean-François (vocals), my brother Pierre (bass) and I (metallic percussions). We were active from 1990 to 2000. Our musical backgrounds were various but we agreed to recognize E Neubauten, The Clash and Bauhaus as commons influences. Sometimes, 'grotesque' is a better tag. We did gigs mainly in center/east of France (Vichy, Clermont-Fd, St Etienne, Lyon, Grenoble). By 1992 we all moved into different town, it was more and more difficult to rehearse, and then we stoped in 2000.

The first cassette (1997). Side A is recorded on a Fostex 4-tracks mini-studio. Side B is recorded in live condition in our rehearsal room (actually the cellar of my parent's house).

cover_I A1 Old Maid Lodge

A2 Der Jenige

A3 Mute Cat

A4 Hierlangs Alstublieft

A5 The Fun Fair

A6 Mercurio Y Azufre

B1 Der Wink

B2 Schmutz

B3 Old Maid Lodge

B4 Dlouhi

B5 Taihn-tein

B6 Ihould


The second cassette (1999). Almost the same songs but unplugged. Recorded live for broadcast program 'Intérieur Bruit' on Radio Campus Clermont-Fd I used to animate with my friend Sebastien.

A1 Canis Cacatcover_II

A2 Fun Fair

A3 Der Jenige

A4 Imphiernau I

A5 Schmutz

A6 Hierlangs Alstublieft

A7 Zevkler Odasi

B1 Old Maid Lodge

B2 Mercurio Y Azufre

B3 Improv I

B4 We Shall Overcome (Improv II)

B5 White Riot (The Clash cover)

B6 Zevkler Odasi (remix)



After Fra Dolcino three of us (J François, Pierre and I) together with two friends Michael and Xavier created Sklarska Poreba, musically in early Neubauten vein. But the problem was the same, it was difficult to see each other. So we stopped in 2003.

Alongside to Fra Dolcino some of us created solo project, Pierre = Normes Françaises 1711294046029, Jean Francois still active Super Jean Francois Plomb (Tinguely in suite-case) and more recently Pied Gauche, and I = Giftig Wirklich! And all these are planned to be shared.