Here are two classics french cold wave compilations released by Aspect d'une Certaine Industrie in the mid 80's.

sleeveSide A : 01.Siglo XX - Sweet Jane 02.Asylum Party - White Light
03.Les Maitres - Une Douleur Passagère 04.Closed Session - My Shout 05.Neutral Project - Reviens 06.Kindergarten - Spasmodic Alice 07.Anonymes - Interrogation 3986

Side B : 08.Wallenberg - Dublin 09.Dead Relatives - Father Tranquille 10.Clair Obscur - Psychiatric 11.Little Nemo - Love is a Lie 12.Komakino - Lacrima 13.I.W.N.N. - Venus 14.Bleme - This Wait



sleeveSide A : 01.Joy of Life - Hear The Children 02.Vlot Voorit - The Flag 03.Neva - Psykodrame 04.Pro Memoria - Cindirella 05.Attrition - Look Out Hedonist 06.Weimar Gesang - Frail Moments 07.After Budapest - Rituals 08.Clair Obscur - Till the Morning Light 09.La Strada - Uncertainty 10.Red Zebra - Behind Bars

Side B : 11.Norma Loy - Bitchy Boy 12.Junte Hybrida - Nectaza 13.Dead Souls - Big Love 14.Strip Tease Belette - Cruel Piano 15.Peche Mortel - Foire dans la Ville 16.The Romance - Strange Dream 17.Collection d'Arnell Andrea - Automne et long Silence 18.L.R. - Innocent Dream 19.Dazibao - Central 20.Noise Gate - Don't let me Out 21.Complot Bronswick - La Nature Humaine