Very strange comp from Julie Frith and Brian Ladd (members of Psyclones) not especially for the music (actually not the truth) but mainly for the diversity of musicals styles it contains : experimental (Psyclones), punk hard core (Agent 86), pop (Sea Hags), post indus (Schlafengarten) ... "An hour and a half of alternative music from the Humboldt county underground" subtitled the tape. Nice Object basicaly.

side_oneSide A : 1-AGENT 86 Raygunomics 2-SEA HAGS My Cigarette (is my only friend) 3-MARK SHAFER ? 4-AGENT 86 Boutique Baby 5-PLEASURE HEADS The Cut 6-PSYCLONES Stuck in a Rut 7-AGENT 86 Hell is for Heroes 8-HYSTERICAL INDIFFERENCE Conscious Suffering 9-UPSTANDING MEMBERS Telephone Sex 10-AGENT 86 Landlord Says 11-JULIET CHRISTINE Line of Darkness (Clouds) 12-LOVE DOLLS The Ballad of John Merrick 13-PSYCLONES The Drug Store 14-AGENT 86 I Hate You 15-SCHLAFENGARTEN In a Box 16-GEETA BARBEAU happy

Side B : side_two17-PURPLE MICRODOTS Heavily Mental 18-AGENT 86 Thing To Do 19-PSYCLONES Gift Of Noise 20-PLEASURE HEADS Cute 21-AGENT 86 Think Twice 22-PURPLE MICRODOTS Media Cancer 23-SEA HAGS She's All Over Town 24-MARK PROTUS Theme for A Grade B Space-Western 25-AGENT 86 College Towne 26-PSYCLONES Electric Tone 27-SCHLAFENGARTEN Stickbeaters 28-AGENT 86 Social Retards 29-JULIET CHRISTINE Stories 30-PLEASURE HEADS Pleasure Bop

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