Garbage Collector is a true UFO in the late eighties french musical landscape. With their 1988 first LP, they are the first french band playing noise rock "à la Sonic Youth"(1). I mean 4 years before Deity Guns 'Stromboscopy'. And even, with their track "Intro" they include hip hop influences, a true UFO as I told you.
The rip contains their entire discography ... only a LP and a 4-tracks CD-ep, both very hard to find :



Self Titled, 1988, edited on a collaboration between State Of Mind and Permis De Construire. Side A : 1-Garbage Collector 2-Own Mind 3-Blood Suckers 4-A Youth Group 5-Films Story  //  Side B : 1-Tiny Killer 2-Before Dawn 3-Public Enemy 4-Intro


Garbage Collector's ep, recorded in 1990 edited in 1992 by Permis de Construire, distributed by (young) Semantic, four tracks :1-Crank 2-Self-Made Killer 3-(This) is my Life (2) 4-Deconstruction.


Thanks to Perte et Fracas webzine, for GC's bio and interview. GC on myspace. French readers only.

(1) : 1988 = Daydream Nation.
(2) : Also appears on Out of Nowhere CD Comp 1990.