Various artists THE EYE DECAY THEORY or When The Garden Becomes A Time Lapse - a compilation of spontaneous combustion witnesses.


Side A :
PGR - Rquiem
Peter Frohmader - Waves
Luciano Dari - Lapide Minerale IV
Hélène Sage + Bernard Vitet - Le Dictionnaire des Synonymes
UNACD - Anthropometrie

PB240240 SIDE B : Hesskhé Yadlanah - Creeping Paralysis
S. Core - Incense Burner
Vrischika - Les Profondeurs
When - Bell I
Peter Vogel - (excerpt from) Loop Music
Desaccord Majeur - En Contre-Partie
Bourbonese Qualk - Halabja (Trafalgar Square Mix)