"The Toma are found in the southeastern area of Guinea, on both sides of the Libearian border. They live in a forest region surrounded by mountains. Their immediate neighbours are the Guerzé in the east, the Kissi (a people of teh high forest) in the west, and the Malinké of the savana in the north.
Their primary resource is rice, wich they cultivate on lands wrested from the forest ; in the villages, artisans manufacture everyday objects : strips of woven cloth, from which "boubous" are made ; tools wich the blacksmith work from iron furnished by their neighbours, the Malinké.
During two trips to Guinea in 1952 and 1953, Pierre-Dominique Gaisseau and Jean Fichter, alone initialy, and accompanied on their second voyage by Tony Saulnier and André Virel, collected numerous valuable sound documents of Toma music. In addition to making this recordings (from wich the selections found on this record were taken), they finish several films, including a full-length feature entitled
Forêt Sacrée (Sacred Forest). Thanks to information given by Pierre-Dominique Gaisseau and thanks to his book Forêt Sacrée, we have been able to attempt situating each piece on this record in its social or cultural context. We extend or gratitude to him and to his collegues who joined him on his expedition for helping us make it possible to offer the publis a panorama both varied and rich of the musical art of an African people."

Side_ASide A Side_B: 1 Laudation of the Toma chiefs 2 Danse song of the Angbaï mask 3 Festival music 4&5 Funeral songs 6 Music of the Dingli festival

Side B : 1&2 Music for diversion 3 Slit-drum solo 4 Festival music 5 Excision ceremony 6 Processional 7 Ritual music for the initiation

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