02 novembre 2010

Little Annie & The Legally Jammin', Self Titled, Italic Rcds, LP, 2003

Little Annie is another pseudo of Annie Anxiety as well as Annie Anxiety Bandez (myspace/ brainwashed). The Legally Jammin' are germans musicians playing electro dub house or something like that. And together, the mix is excellent, believe me dear readers/followers this is a very good record. Tracklist : A1- Bleach A2- Take It From Me A3- Samsara A4- 2nd Avenue Blues B1- Backtrack Jack B2- No Angels B3- Well ? B4- Chicken Delight Liner notes : Little Annie & The Legally Jammin' are Annie (vocals), Khan (organ,... [Lire la suite]
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22 mars 2010

Annie Anxiety, Soul Possession, ON-U Sound LP29, 1984

Another record I've borrowed from my friend Sebastien, one left for this first time.It's the first LP by Annie Anxiety, after her ep allready posted on this blog (clic 'Annie Anxiety' tag), she continues in her unique vein, a kind of soul/experimental/weird mix. Two members of crass participate : drummer Penny Rimbaud (#3) and vocalist Eve Libertine (#6), after that she collaborates with Current 93, Steve Stapleton, Coil among many others. To learn everything that have to be learned about Annie only one  place : Brainwashed. ... [Lire la suite]
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06 octobre 2009

Annie Anxiety, Barbed Wire Halo, Crass Records, ep 1981

Une reine de l'underground, ici son tout 1er 45t. Elle a ensuite collaboré avec Coil (excellent titre sur Love Secret Domain) ou Curent 93. Quelques albums sous le nom "Annie Anxiety Bandez". Toujours active sous le nom de "Little Annie". side A "Cyanide Tears" Side B "Hello Horror" excellent titre aux munipulations sonores digne des électroacousticiens. DOWNLOAD
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