30 novembre 2010

The Ex, Live, Paris - Café de la Danse, 16 Nov 2010

  My brother released this excellent live recording. Very good sound, bravo ! Unfortunatly he missed the last song of the show ... 'State of shock' Tracklist :01 Tree Float 02 Cold Weather is Back 03 Double Order 04 Our Leaky Homes 05 The Bicycle Illusion 06 Eoleyo 07 Maybe I was the Pilot 08 24 Problems 09 Life Whining 10 Theme from Konono 11 Hidegen Fujnak a Szelek Bonus : #12 & 13 are two tracks by Andy Moor + Anne James Chaton, for the overture of the soirée. DOWNLOAD The Ex website, The Ex shop is very cheap.
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27 novembre 2010

Jon Appleton & Don Cherry, Human Music, Flying Dutchman Prod., LP, 1970

Today, the second Don Cherry record I've borrowed from my friend Sebastien. No more jazz any longer, but electronic sound manipulations. Excellent record. Liner notes : HUMAN MUSIC is the name Don Cherry and Jon Appleton have chosen for their first collaboration. Cherry, known best for his exceedingly imaginative jazz improvisation, and Appleton, known for his unusual approach to electronic music, combine several musical traditions and come up with an entirely new sound. Cherry's recent explorations into folk, ethnic and... [Lire la suite]
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27 novembre 2010

V/A The Eye Decay Theory, Johnny Blue Rec., LP, 1991

Various artists THE EYE DECAY THEORY or When The Garden Becomes A Time Lapse - a compilation of spontaneous combustion witnesses. Side A : PGR - Rquiem Peter Frohmader - Waves Luciano Dari - Lapide Minerale IV Hélène Sage + Bernard Vitet - Le Dictionnaire des Synonymes UNACD - Anthropometrie SIDE B : Hesskhé Yadlanah - Creeping Paralysis S. Core - Incense Burner Vrischika - Les Profondeurs When - Bell I Peter Vogel - (excerpt from) Loop Music Desaccord Majeur - En Contre-Partie Bourbonese Qualk - Halabja (Trafalgar Square Mix) ... [Lire la suite]
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24 novembre 2010

Don Cherry, Brown Rice, EMI Italia, LP, 1975

As I really enjoyed "Eternal Now", my friend Sebastien lend me some other Don Cherry records. I will share two of them. Today the first one, "Brown Rice", much closer to what we can expect from free jazz tag than "Eternal Now". Side A : 1. Brown Rice 5'14 2. Malkauns 13'59 Side B : 3. Chenrezig 12'50 4. Degi-Degi 7'05 DONWLOAD
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16 novembre 2010

DAF, Live, e.n.t.p.e., Lyon, 4 Nov. 1981

Early EBM cult band recorded live. The sound is excellent, that's make me believe it's recorded directely from the mixing desk outputs. It surely does. DOWNLOAD
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13 novembre 2010

Zëro, Live, Raymond Bar - Clermont FD [Fr], 11 Nov 2010

Zëro is the new band lead by Eric Aldea, ex- Deity Guns / Bastard / Narcophony. Once again a nice show at the Raymond Bar.   DOWNLOAD 10 tracks / about 35 min. long.  
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08 novembre 2010

PFS, Illustrative Problems, Cuneiform Rcds, LP, 1986

PFS were conceived in 1983 in San Francisco, by Scott Brazieal (piano, keyboards and tapes), Herbert Diamant (saxes and bassoon) and Gary Parra (percussion and noises), all of whom had previously had a reasonably successful career in the instrumental avant-prog band CARTOON.  However, musically, PFS are much darker in their sound and take more influences from classical composers, such as ROBERT SCHUMANN, BÉLA BARTÓK and LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN, rather than CARTOON's more quirky cartoon and chamber rock influences.  PFS... [Lire la suite]
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02 novembre 2010

Little Annie & The Legally Jammin', Self Titled, Italic Rcds, LP, 2003

Little Annie is another pseudo of Annie Anxiety as well as Annie Anxiety Bandez (myspace/ brainwashed). The Legally Jammin' are germans musicians playing electro dub house or something like that. And together, the mix is excellent, believe me dear readers/followers this is a very good record. Tracklist : A1- Bleach A2- Take It From Me A3- Samsara A4- 2nd Avenue Blues B1- Backtrack Jack B2- No Angels B3- Well ? B4- Chicken Delight Liner notes : Little Annie & The Legally Jammin' are Annie (vocals), Khan (organ,... [Lire la suite]
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01 novembre 2010

Action Beat, Live, Raymond Bar / Clermont-Fd (Fr), 26 Oct 2010

Action Beat, the band with four drummers, three guitarists and a bass player (this night). For fan of noise rock, Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca etc ... more info on southern records website. DOWNLOAD   6 tracks / ~ 25 min.
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28 octobre 2010

Mnong Gar Music from Vietnam, Coll. Ocora, Lp, 1972

Mnong Gar Music from Vietnam, Collection Musée de l'Homme, Anthology of Proto-Indochinese music Vol. 1, Recordings, photographs and notes by Georges Condominas. Side A : 1. Flat Gong Sets, cing 2. Flat Gong Sets, cing [Mnong Buu Nör] 3. Flat Gong Sets, cing [Maa' Bölöö] 4. Flat Gong Sets, cing 5. Drum and Flat Gongs, nggör baal cing 6. Funeral laments, noo nyiim khöt 7. Drum, nggör 8. Songs, noo toong toong 9. An old song, mpöt yau 10. Love song, noo toong söh 11 & 12. Mouth Organ, mbuat 13. Love song, noo toong söh 14.... [Lire la suite]
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