07 novembre 2011

Bérurier Noir, Meilleurs Extraits des Deux concerts à Paris, VISA, C35, 1983

First tape by french punk classic Bérurier Noir, included best extracts from two shows in Paris, the first at Usine Pali Kao on Feb. 19th 1983 : [Side A] 1.J'ai Peur 2.Manifeste 3.Nada 4.Les Béruriers sont les Rois 5.Il Tua son Petit Frère 6.Hopital Lobotomie [Side B] 7.Traumatisme Les Elephants 8.Lobotomie Hopital The second at Salle de la Roquette on June 1st 1983 : 9.Fin du Discours Crosses 10.Les Bucherons 11.Chromosome Y 12.Frères d'Armes 13.Hopital de Force (version chorale) Another one from my friend Sebastien ->... [Lire la suite]
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30 mai 2011

Political Asylum

A punk band from Stirling, Scotland, sometimes with a new wave touch (at that time, flanger was very fashion!) Fresh Hate, VISA, C60, 1983 Simply the first release by french legendary label VISA (n°001, rebel flux). side A : 01 Disarm or Die 02 Oxford St. 4803 Nothing Left 04 Carnage 05 Trust in me 06 Winter of our Discontent 07 The Slaughter Side B : 09 Play no Part 10 System of War 11 Autonomous Youth 12 Where Next ? 13 Passive Fist 14 Indoctrination 15 Do They Care ? 16 White Poppies (live at the Guild Hall, Stirling, 20.2.83)... [Lire la suite]
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11 mars 2011

Ausweis (1981-1988)

Ausweis was a post-punk band from Paris formed in 1981 and active till 1988. Here are most of their recordings, only their live cassette ,produced by Visa, and their final LP, the dub oriented 'Dub Action', are missing. s/t, L'invitation au Suicide, LP, 1984 Side A : 1 Eva 2 Berlin 3 Gangsters United 4 Ella Choice Side B : 5 Mecaniks 6 1984 7 Phase Fatale 8 Murnaü    Victimes, Chainsaw Rec., Ep 12", 1985 Side A : 9 Victimes 10 Les Phalanges Side B : 11 La Chasse 12 Com Jabbar   Jours de Haine, Ediesta... [Lire la suite]
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15 mars 2010

Lucrate Milk, s/t, VISA, C45, 1986

Today, another rarity from my friend Sebastien's collection : legendary french punk band 'Lucrate Milk' on legendary french label VISA.Formed in Paris in 1981 by Laul Lombrick, Masto Lowcost, Nina Childress, Raoul Gaboni and Helno, Lucrate Milk stoped in 1983 and are the starting point of the alternative-punk wave that shakes France in the second half of the eighties. Not only the infuence, they also participate : Helno creates succesful 'Les Negresses Vertes', Masto played with 'Beruriers Noirs' and 'Washington Dead Cats', Laul... [Lire la suite]
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19 janvier 2010

Die Bunker, C40, VISA, 1983

First casstte by Die Bunker, french minimal synth, but close to first german or belgian EBM such as DAF or Front 242. Very dark, very cold, the sound of the 80'. After that, they released 2 other lp, always on legendary french label VISA, in a more "cabaret" way, music for spectacle ... Their entire discography is re-issued by Infrastition. DOWNLOAD
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22 septembre 2009

KNI CRIK, cassette, VISA, 1987

  Kni Crick, sortie chez VISA (androidia flux n°017) en 1987. En partie enregistrée live (Verdun, Dallas!, Vera Cruz!...) Kni Crick produit ici une musique hyper rythmée, sans fioritures, sauvage à souhait, pleine de rage, c'est un voyage à l'âge de pierre, mention spéciale pour le titre "Ouarga" d'une sauvagerie rarement égalée. Avec eux, l'étiquette "tribale urbain" prend tout son sens ! 01. Backioüma 02.Tüt 03.Hopi 04.Eina 05.OUARGA 06.Valse 07.Omana 08.Poule 09.Corps Magiques 10.Canniba 11.OAE 12.Barnum Circus... [Lire la suite]
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