15 juillet 2012

Zea, Live, Raymond Bar, Clermont (Fr), Sept 28 2011

DOWNLOAD ZEA is no longer a duo, Arnold de Boer (the new singer of The Ex) is now alone on stage.
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26 mars 2012

Four Walls, Live, Nevers / Café Charbon, March 30 2001

After Tom Cora premature death in 1998, and so the end of Roof, vocalist Phil Minton, drummer Michael Watcher and bass player Luc (ex-)Ex, formed Four Walls together with pianist Veryan Weston. Both very impressives musicians, in my Top 10 best show I've seen. DOWNLOAD  
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06 février 2012

Grrr, s/t, autoprod., LP, 1984

Excellent record by Grrr, a dutch punk band, from the Wormer scene, close to Alerta, Zvästox (pre-De Kift), Zowiso and, of course, Rondos and The Ex. Zwart side : B1 Hé soldier B2 Navo strategie B3 Brave new world B4 Holland mijn gifland B5 He had to eat his dog B6 Fools talk Wit side : A1 Tuf Tuf A2 Cruelty A3 Ahmed A4 No more riots A5 Soldiers grief A6 Herman DOWNLOAD Another big thanx to my friend Sebastien for lending !
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23 mai 2011

Andy Moor & Anne James Chaton, Live, Raymond Bar Clermont-Fd (Fr), May 8 2011

Andy Moor guitar (The Ex, Dog Faced Hermans) and french sound poet Anne Jame Chaton (voice, laptop) recorded live on may 8 2011. Buy their releases : Unsound DOWNLOAD   Last concert organized by my friend Sebastien. Enormous thanks to him. Ouverture by ceMeuble & Benoit XVI trio (+) and closed by Pied Gauche. Great soirée.
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22 mars 2011

Muzsikás, Nem arról hajnallik, amerröl hajnallott..., Hungaroton, Lp, 1986

Folk music from Hungary (eastern Europe). Great one, if you enjoy this kind of music, and particulary interesting if you are a The Ex fan like me, because you'll discover another version of Hidegen fújnak a szelek, they covered on their 1992 Scrabbling at the Lock together with Tom Cora. Side A : 01 Rabnóta (Nem arról hajnallik) Prisoner's song (the light does not apper) 02 Eddig Vendég Up to now, you guest 03 Azt gondoltam, esö esik I thought it was raining 04 Hidegen fújnak a szelek Cold winds are blowing 05 Bujdosódal (Fordulj... [Lire la suite]
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30 novembre 2010

The Ex, Live, Paris - Café de la Danse, 16 Nov 2010

  My brother released this excellent live recording. Very good sound, bravo ! Unfortunatly he missed the last song of the show ... 'State of shock' Tracklist :01 Tree Float 02 Cold Weather is Back 03 Double Order 04 Our Leaky Homes 05 The Bicycle Illusion 06 Eoleyo 07 Maybe I was the Pilot 08 24 Problems 09 Life Whining 10 Theme from Konono 11 Hidegen Fujnak a Szelek Bonus : #12 & 13 are two tracks by Andy Moor + Anne James Chaton, for the overture of the soirée. DOWNLOAD The Ex website, The Ex shop is very cheap.
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06 décembre 2009

Kletka Red, Hijacking, Tzadik, CD, 1996

On their first record, Kletka Red is a trio : Leonid Soybelman (Ne Zhdali/Estonia now living in Berlin) guitar/vocals, Andy Moor (Dog Faced Hermans/Scotland now living in Netherlands and playing guitar in The Ex) guitar/viola and Tony buck (from Australia, former of Peril) drums/samples. They present very exciting and refreshing covers of traditionnal Jewish music. For their 2nd, and last, record 'Hybrid' edited by Red Note in 2000 they are a quatuor with Joe Willamson on Doublebass. You can buy it on The Ex site (12 euros post... [Lire la suite]
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