29 mai 2012

Jarboe, My Delicate Beast, Not On Label, C60, 1997

Spoken words by Jarboe, memories, poems, performances. Limited edition of 200 this is the #186. Track are : Side A : Nourishment, Gathering, Pretty as a Picture, Remembering, India, I Promise, Rage, Stinky Feet, A Scew [words by M. Gira], Vomit Veritas Side B : A Woman [words by M. Gira], Love Poem, Night Walk, Stop, Time, Southern Hospitality, Walls are Bleeding [Excerpts from early 1980's performance] DOWNLOAD
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04 décembre 2010

$wans, Live, Epicerie Moderne - Feyzin [Lyon], 1er Dec 2010

Another contribution from my brother. Dedicated to all the people who couldn't be there (like me) due to meteorological perturbation : snow + big frost. Great show, great sound, don't hesitate ! DOWNLOAD Live Report (french readers only) + pics here
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