12 décembre 2011

The Twins / Rig Veeda, The Tale of the Man with the Toothpaste Head, Illusion Prod., LP, 1986

                      Another one from ddaa's Illusion Production, it's a split lp with The Twins and Rig Veeda. The Twins is a duet formed by Paul Rixon and Gillian Elam, wich play also in Rig Veeda together with David and Lesley. Lo-Fi folk pop on each side. Side A : 1.dance with a fish 2.man in green 3.brother be 4.man with the toothpaste head 5.down 6.trapeeze 7.fuisha 8.hundred hollowhorses 9.here - come again  Side B : 10.never seen that girl before... [Lire la suite]
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