02 mai 2012

Psyclones, 1230, Ladd-Frith Prod., C60, 1986

Psyclones is Brian Ladd (Blackhouse) and Julie Frith, here recorded as spontaneous improvisation with Schlaffengaten and Greg Haw Hee on december 30 1985. No Overdubs, no post-processing. DOWNLOAD on request  
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13 mai 2010

V/A OBJEKT, Ladd-Frith Prod., C90, 198x

Very strange comp from Julie Frith and Brian Ladd (members of Psyclones) not especially for the music (actually not the truth) but mainly for the diversity of musicals styles it contains : experimental (Psyclones), punk hard core (Agent 86), pop (Sea Hags), post indus (Schlafengarten) ... "An hour and a half of alternative music from the Humboldt county underground" subtitled the tape. Nice Object basicaly. Side A : 1-AGENT 86 Raygunomics 2-SEA HAGS My Cigarette (is my only friend) 3-MARK SHAFER ? 4-AGENT 86 Boutique Baby... [Lire la suite]
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