10 septembre 2012

Zero Kama, The Secret Eye Of L.A.Y.L.A.H., Permis de Construire, LP, 1988

“All instruments to be heard on this album were exclusively made from human bones and skulls by the hand of Zero Kama. They never have been used since the time of its recording, which took place at the Secret Temple of Laylah from 5th to 28th of May 1984 e.v. Remixed at Psychonaut Studio Vienna in November 1987 e.v., and dedicated to the symbol of Laylah, meaning night and death, as well as to its numerical equivalent, Oz, a goat or unrestrained sexual force of creation, thus showing the identity of the basic two opposite forces in... [Lire la suite]
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10 mai 2010

Garbage Collector, Self Titled, State of Mind/Permis de Contruire, LP/Cd, 1988-1992

Garbage Collector is a true UFO in the late eighties french musical landscape. With their 1988 first LP, they are the first french band playing noise rock "à la Sonic Youth"(1). I mean 4 years before Deity Guns 'Stromboscopy'. And even, with their track "Intro" they include hip hop influences, a true UFO as I told you.The rip contains their entire discography ... only a LP and a 4-tracks CD-ep, both very hard to find : Self Titled, 1988, edited on a collaboration between State Of Mind and Permis De... [Lire la suite]
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