06 septembre 2010

Brume, Headache, Organic Tape, C40, 1990

Nearly one year after, it's time for a second Brume tape. Maybe not as good as Permafrost, however that may be Christian Renou's music is so unique. Composed in august/September 1989, edited in 1990, one track per side : Side A : Block Mind Collab Side B : Diverzion Machïn             DOWNLOAD
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21 décembre 2009

Krackhouse, Drink, it's legal, Metamkine/Organic Tapes, CD, 1991

Second post about krackhouse (first one). It's their second record, produces by a collaboration of two french labels Metamkine and Organic Tapes (both from Grenoble). The music is still very difficult to descride it's too crazy and so unique. "This ain't house music, this is Krackhouse music. Broken, shattered, undanceable. DON'T DANCE." "It's hard to be so ridiculous on stage, it requires a lot of work. It's really an art. Maybe you can manage it too someday."DOWNLOAD
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