18 octobre 2010

Melt Banana, Live, Clermont-Fd (FR), Salle Camille Claudel, 13 Sept 2010

It was a very exciting show. Unfortunatly the end is cut, no short song etc ... :-( DOWNLOAD 16 tracks / ~45 min
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30 mars 2010

Melt Banana, an ep collection, 1994-2009

So, here we are, I share the last (for this first time) record I've borrowed from my friend Sebastien. And it's a great one, not only one record, but his amazing collection of ep by japanese terrorists Melt Banana. It's a very coloured post, and even animated :   Also a post in various format, from 9" (mini-lp) to 5" (a little bit larger than a cd):   Here is the tracklist, don't expect logical continuation, I've recorded them as they came (for split ep, only the Melt Banana's tracks of course)  :   ... [Lire la suite]
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