28 novembre 2011

Lemon Kittens, The Big Dentist, Illuminated Rcds, LP, 1981

Those that bite the hand that feed them sooner or later must meet THE BIG DENTIST ... This is the second Lp by Lemon Kitten a band formed by two multi-instrumentalists Karl Blake and Danielle Dax in the late 70's in Reading, England. Sounds like any other band, so unique ! Must have ! Side A : 1.They are Both Dirty [11:19] 2.The Hospital Hurts the Girls [4:30] 3.Mylmus [4:09] Side B : 4.No Night Not Shared [4:55] 5.Oath [4:08] 6.The Log and the Pin [4:00] 7.Nudies [3:17] 8.An Untimely End [2:11] DOWNLOAD This is the last post of... [Lire la suite]
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