06 juin 2011

Songs of the Spanish Civil War Vol 1, Folkways rcds, LP, 1961

Twelves songs, issued by Folkways records in 1961, in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the begining of the spanish civil war (1936-1961). Songs played in an american classical folk way, by Pete Seeger and group on A side, and in german by Ernst Busch and chorus on B side. Side A : SONGS OF THE LINCOLN BRIGADE 1.Jarama valley 2.a-Coockhouse b-the young man from Alcala 3.Quartermaster song 4.Viva la quince brigada (long live the 15th brigade) 5.El quinto regimiento (The fifth regiment) 6.Si me quieres escribir (If you want to... [Lire la suite]

18 janvier 2011

Drums of the Yoruba of Nigeria, Folkways Rcds, Lp, 1953

(*) Recorded By William Bascom during the Festival of Orishlanla at Oyo (Nigeria) 1953. From part of the beautiful 'Ethnic Folkways Library' series, hard to find recordings from late 40's to ... I don't know exactely. Leave a comment if you know more about that series. Thanks. Side A : IGBIN DRUMS 3 Tracks. Side B : 1. DUN DUN DRUMS (Talking drums) 2. DUN DUN DRUMS (individual parts) 3. DUN DUN DRUMS and SHEKERE RATTLES 4. BATA DRUMS : FOR SHANGO 5. BATA DRUMS : FOR OYA 6. BATA DRUMS : EGUNGUN 7. BATA DRUMS : FOR SHAPANA 8. BATA... [Lire la suite]
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22 septembre 2009

American Indian Dances, Folkways Rec., LP, 1959

Before the white men came. Side A - 1.Night Chant [Navajo] 2.Rabbit Dance [Sioux] 3.Sun Dance [Sioux] 4.Ohama Dance [Sioux] 5.Devil Dance [Apache] 6.Eagle Dance [San Ildefonso] 7.Harvest Dance [Zuni] Side B - 8.Rain Dance [Zuni] 9.Squaw Dance [Navajo] 10.Plains Indian War Dance 11. Snake Dance [Flathead] 12.Pow-Wow Dance [Canadian Plains] 13.Dog Dance [Plains] DOWNLOAD
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20 juin 2009

Cambodia : Traditional Music #1, Folkways Rec., LP, 1978

Side A : 1. Skhe-Diev [monochord lute solo] 2. Phlom Sleck [single leaf solo] 3. Krom Phleng Khmer [ensemble/ male voice] 4. Krom Phleng Khmer [ensemble music wedding] 5. Chhayam [perc. ens./ male voices] Side B : 6. Krom Phleng Pinpeat [perc. ens. & sralay] 7. Mohori [ensemble/ female voice] 8. Krom Phleng Pinpeat [perc. ens. & sralay] 9. Krom Phleng Pinpeat [perc. ens. & sralay] DOWNLOAD
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