01 mars 2012

End Of Data, Sahrah, Divine Rec., LP, 1984

First, and excellent, album by End Of Data, a french cold wave band from Rennes, Brittany. From minimal synth pop to energic new wave stuff.   Side A : 01. End Of Data I 02. End Of Data II 03. If i'm not a killer 04. Follow me and so Side B : 05. Like a succession I 06. Like a succession II 07. Trottodaf 08. Sahrah 09. Symphonie inachevée   DOWNLOAD  
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14 février 2011

V/A Le Son de la Vague [Cold Wave & Post-Punk Rarities/1980-1985/Brittany], SuperHeights Prod., Cd-R, 2009

Today a contribution from Gilles Le Guen, a french dj and musician from New York band Denner. It's the fourth issue of a series produced by french silk-screen printer SuperHeights. This one is dedicated to the early cold wave/post punk scene from Brittany (north west of France), home of Marquis de Sade, Complot Bronswick and others. Gilles provided this comp with his own cassette collection (demos, bootleg etc...) he saved through the years. He started his first radio show called "Factory Wave" in Brittany, in 1983. Very rare... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2010

V/A The Divine Album, Madrigal, LP, 1985

Another great rarity from the eighties, the very hard to find legendary 'Divine Album' comp. Only for 80's sound lovers. Side A : 1. Mecano - Robespierre re Marx 2. End of Data - Sahrah 3. Flue - Topic 4. Tanit - Lola Side B : 1. Fra Lippo Lippi - Small mercies 2. Complot Bronswick - Hole in the rain 3. Eskimo - King kong talk          4. Mecano March of the iron worker DOWNLOAD