27 novembre 2010

Jon Appleton & Don Cherry, Human Music, Flying Dutchman Prod., LP, 1970

Today, the second Don Cherry record I've borrowed from my friend Sebastien. No more jazz any longer, but electronic sound manipulations. Excellent record. Liner notes : HUMAN MUSIC is the name Don Cherry and Jon Appleton have chosen for their first collaboration. Cherry, known best for his exceedingly imaginative jazz improvisation, and Appleton, known for his unusual approach to electronic music, combine several musical traditions and come up with an entirely new sound. Cherry's recent explorations into folk, ethnic and... [Lire la suite]
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24 novembre 2010

Don Cherry, Brown Rice, EMI Italia, LP, 1975

As I really enjoyed "Eternal Now", my friend Sebastien lend me some other Don Cherry records. I will share two of them. Today the first one, "Brown Rice", much closer to what we can expect from free jazz tag than "Eternal Now". Side A : 1. Brown Rice 5'14 2. Malkauns 13'59 Side B : 3. Chenrezig 12'50 4. Degi-Degi 7'05 DONWLOAD
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25 juin 2010

Don Cherry, Eternal Now, Sonet Prod., LP, 1974

I'm (almost) discovering this record with you. I've bought it 2 weeks ago at the flea market, and I'm still under the impression. Everybodies knows Don Cherry for his collaborations with the early free jazz activists Ornette Colmenan and Albert Ayler in the 50's, but if you liked my psychedelic Vox Populi! post, and terrestrials tunes such as Raksha Mancham, O Yuki Conjugate or Vasilisk you should enjoyed this LP (side B = wah! wah ! wah!). Side A : 1. Gamla Stan - The Old Town by Night (7:40) 2. Love Train (7:40) 3. Bass Figure... [Lire la suite]
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