19 septembre 2011

Japon I, Collection Ocora, LP, 1980 (reed. 1982)

This record, from the Ocora Collection, presents two representative forms of Japanese music from the modern period, with pieces for Biwa (a kind of lute) on side A and for Shakuhachi (a bamboo-made flute) on side B. Side A : Atsumori 27'50 Side B : Ko-kû (Vacuity) 7'50 Tsuru no Sugomori (crane's nest) 6'30 Daha (breaking of waves) 3'50 Shika no tône (Deer's troat heard from afar) 9'50 DONWLOAD [tracks are not indexed on side B]
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20 juin 2011

Musique du Burundi, Collection Ocora, Lp, 1968

Liner notes : [...] Several musical forms are represented here, some way be found almost everywhere in Africa : a homophonic female choir, singing in responsorial (A.2) or a lament song with sanza accompaniment (A.6). Ohers are more characteristic of East Africa : the musical bow with a resonator and a split string, used with a percussion-rattle (A.5) ; a one-stringed fiddle with an open tubular sound-box (A.4) and above all, the trough-zither (A.1 and B.4). Of all these aspects, the vocal techniques seem to merit particular... [Lire la suite]
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22 décembre 2010

David Hykes - The Harmonic Choir, Hearing Solar Winds, Coll. Ocora, Lp, 1980

The Harmonic choir was formed by David Hykes in 1975. An accomplished experimental filmmaker with a deep interest in traditional and sacred music, David Hykes had already acquired broad familiarity with the music of West and Central Asia when he first heard of the Hoomi singing (literally "throat singing") indigenous to western Mongolia, and the overtone chanting of Tantric Tibetan Buddhism. In the Hoomi tradition, singers produce a fundamental tone in the bass or baritone range, and then by extemely precise modulation of... [Lire la suite]
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28 octobre 2010

Mnong Gar Music from Vietnam, Coll. Ocora, Lp, 1972

Mnong Gar Music from Vietnam, Collection Musée de l'Homme, Anthology of Proto-Indochinese music Vol. 1, Recordings, photographs and notes by Georges Condominas. Side A : 1. Flat Gong Sets, cing 2. Flat Gong Sets, cing [Mnong Buu Nör] 3. Flat Gong Sets, cing [Maa' Bölöö] 4. Flat Gong Sets, cing 5. Drum and Flat Gongs, nggör baal cing 6. Funeral laments, noo nyiim khöt 7. Drum, nggör 8. Songs, noo toong toong 9. An old song, mpöt yau 10. Love song, noo toong söh 11 & 12. Mouth Organ, mbuat 13. Love song, noo toong söh 14.... [Lire la suite]
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