11 mars 2011

Ausweis (1981-1988)

Ausweis was a post-punk band from Paris formed in 1981 and active till 1988. Here are most of their recordings, only their live cassette ,produced by Visa, and their final LP, the dub oriented 'Dub Action', are missing. s/t, L'invitation au Suicide, LP, 1984 Side A : 1 Eva 2 Berlin 3 Gangsters United 4 Ella Choice Side B : 5 Mecaniks 6 1984 7 Phase Fatale 8 Murnaü    Victimes, Chainsaw Rec., Ep 12", 1985 Side A : 9 Victimes 10 Les Phalanges Side B : 11 La Chasse 12 Com Jabbar   Jours de Haine, Ediesta... [Lire la suite]
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28 février 2011

The Wild Classical Ensemble, Live, Hotel des Vils, Clermont-Fd [Fr], Feb 26 2011

Great show by The Wild Classical Ensemble, a band composed of four mentally retarded musicians, Johan, Linh, Kim and Rudy (trombone, melodica, flute, electric guitar) together with their artistic mentor, the drummer boy Damien. Very primitive rock. Buy their cd produced by Sub Rosa. DOWNLOAD
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23 février 2011

V/A Cenotaphe, Les Nouvelles Propagandes, C60, 1991

Nice post industrial comp from the begining of the 90's. Side A : De Fabriek "Libaria" 30' Side B : Laurent Pernice "Une Petite Fille" 4'50 La Sonorité Jaune "Osia" 3'40 Muslimgauze "Sounds Effect" 3'00 Pacific 231 "Fem-Dom" 3'18             Das Synthetische Mischgewebe "Etude pour : one motor played guitar and three low frequenz oscillators stearing three voltage controlled filtrers" 4'30 Esruk "Diminish" 4'55 Brume... [Lire la suite]
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14 février 2011

V/A Le Son de la Vague [Cold Wave & Post-Punk Rarities/1980-1985/Brittany], SuperHeights Prod., Cd-R, 2009

Today a contribution from Gilles Le Guen, a french dj and musician from New York band Denner. It's the fourth issue of a series produced by french silk-screen printer SuperHeights. This one is dedicated to the early cold wave/post punk scene from Brittany (north west of France), home of Marquis de Sade, Complot Bronswick and others. Gilles provided this comp with his own cassette collection (demos, bootleg etc...) he saved through the years. He started his first radio show called "Factory Wave" in Brittany, in 1983. Very rare... [Lire la suite]
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13 février 2011

Vincent Gémignani, Modern Pop Percussion, Concert Hall, LP, 1970

Side A : 01.Condylura 02.La Licorne au Bois, Titania, Insidieusement les Elfes 03.Ophis le Serpentaire 04.Le Grand Mouille (A Supervielle) 05.Alice Side B : 06.Megalopolis 1000e avenue 07.Liberalia 08.L'Oiseau Sans Pied 09.Insidieusement les Elfes 10.Promethée DOWNLOAD
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09 février 2011

l'Ensemble Instrumental National du Mali, Mali Kunkan Prod., Lp, 197?

Side A : 01.Zazuru (Awa Dramé) 7:58 02.Sama (Maïmouna Damba) 5:38 03.Laïdu (Diéli Madi Sissoko) 10:20 Side B : 04.Diya Ye Banna (Coumba Sidibé) 7:45 05.Nakana (Wandé Kouyaté) 8:00 DOWNLOAD
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07 février 2011

Guy Reibel, s/t, INA-GRM, Lp, 1979

Guy REIBEL : Lorsque j'ai composé les Variations en Etoile, je n'avais pas l'idée d'y ajouter une partie instrumentale improvisée. Cette idée nous est venue lors d'une rencontre, il y a une dizaine d'année. Depuis, tu as souvent donné cette oeuvre, accompagnée d'une improvisation. La version que nous venons d'enregistrer, tu as voulu la réaliser d'un seul tenant, n'est ce pas risqué ? Ne vaut il pas mieux procéder, comme cela se fait en général, séquence par séquence ? Jean-Pierre DROUET : Non, surtout pas dans un cas comme... [Lire la suite]
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31 janvier 2011

Malaria!, Emotion, Les Disques du Crépuscule, Lp, 1982

First Lp by cult band from West-Berlin. The line-up includes exclusively females members of whom Gudrun Gut, who played with Blixa Bargeld in the very begining of Einstürzende Neubauten. Side A : 1. Geld [money] 2. Eifersucht [jealousy] 3. Einsam [Lonesome] 4. Desire "Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt, weiss was ich liede" Goethe 5. Macht [power] Side B : 6. Tod [death] 7. Mensch "Der Mittler zwischen Hand und Hirn ist das Herz" T.V. Harbou 8. Leidenschaft [passion] 9. Slave of my Ambition 10. Traum [dream] DOWNLOAD... [Lire la suite]
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27 janvier 2011

Orchestre Rouge, Live recordings

I continue with 'Orchestre Rouge' with two live recordings. The first one is the lp "Des Restes" which contains live recordings plus some demos, it's their last album before the band splitted as some members followed Theo Hakola in his new project 'Passion Fodder'. The second one is a live broadcasted programme named 'Feed Back' hosted by Bernard Lenoir, the fench John Peel, on national radio France Inter on march 16th 1982. Des Restes, Autoprod., Lp, 1985 side A : A1 Hole in this thigh - studio DB Oct 1981 A2 Catholic eyes - Paris... [Lire la suite]
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25 janvier 2011

Orchestre Rouge, Studio works

Here are two records by Orchestre Rouge, early and essential french post punk band, with charismatic-globe-trotter vocalist Theo Hakola. Yellow Laughter, RCA, Lp, 1982 Produced by Martin Hannett / a "must have" Side A 01 Soon come violence 02 Je cherche une drogue [qui ne fait pas mal] 03 Soft kiss 04 Red orange blue 05 Hole in this thigh             Side B 06 The Consul 07 Speakrine 08 Slugs 09 Crows DOWNLOAD More Passion Fodder, RCA, Lp, 1983 Side A 01 Seconds grate 02 Where... [Lire la suite]
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