20 juin 2011

Musique du Burundi, Collection Ocora, Lp, 1968

Liner notes : [...] Several musical forms are represented here, some way be found almost everywhere in Africa : a homophonic female choir, singing in responsorial (A.2) or a lament song with sanza accompaniment (A.6). Ohers are more characteristic of East Africa : the musical bow with a resonator and a split string, used with a percussion-rattle (A.5) ; a one-stringed fiddle with an open tubular sound-box (A.4) and above all, the trough-zither (A.1 and B.4). Of all these aspects, the vocal techniques seem to merit particular... [Lire la suite]
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13 juin 2011

Absolut Null Punkt, Killsonic Action, Dossier, LP, 1988

This is the last Lp of the first life of A.N.P., a band formed by japanese activists Kasuyuki Kishino Null (KK Null) and Seijiro Murayama in 1984, active till 1987 and re-formed in 2003. Killsonic Action is produced by german label Dossier on a transparent vynil. Side A : Disembody - Godache - Godkill II Side B : Deus Irae - Zettai Reyd - Killsonic Action Tracks are not indexed, no pause on each side. DOWNLOAD
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06 juin 2011

Songs of the Spanish Civil War Vol 1, Folkways rcds, LP, 1961

Twelves songs, issued by Folkways records in 1961, in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the begining of the spanish civil war (1936-1961). Songs played in an american classical folk way, by Pete Seeger and group on A side, and in german by Ernst Busch and chorus on B side. Side A : SONGS OF THE LINCOLN BRIGADE 1.Jarama valley 2.a-Coockhouse b-the young man from Alcala 3.Quartermaster song 4.Viva la quince brigada (long live the 15th brigade) 5.El quinto regimiento (The fifth regiment) 6.Si me quieres escribir (If you want to... [Lire la suite]
02 juin 2011

Chants de la Guerre d'Espagne, Le chant du Monde, LP, 1963

Liner notes : "Tout ces enregistrements ont été faits pendant la guerre d'Espagne par "Le Chant du Monde" et publié sous sa marque Voz de Espana en 78 tours. Beaucoup de ces disques ont été pieusement gardés mais beaucoup aussi ont disparu ou ne sont plus utilisables. C'est pour répondre aux demandes de ceux qui les avaient possédés et à beaucoup d'autres que nous avons, en utilisant toutes les ressources de la technique moderne, transposé ces enregistrements sur disque microssillon." That means, in short, recorded in spain during... [Lire la suite]
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30 mai 2011

Political Asylum

A punk band from Stirling, Scotland, sometimes with a new wave touch (at that time, flanger was very fashion!) Fresh Hate, VISA, C60, 1983 Simply the first release by french legendary label VISA (n°001, rebel flux). side A : 01 Disarm or Die 02 Oxford St. 4803 Nothing Left 04 Carnage 05 Trust in me 06 Winter of our Discontent 07 The Slaughter Side B : 09 Play no Part 10 System of War 11 Autonomous Youth 12 Where Next ? 13 Passive Fist 14 Indoctrination 15 Do They Care ? 16 White Poppies (live at the Guild Hall, Stirling, 20.2.83)... [Lire la suite]
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23 mai 2011

Andy Moor & Anne James Chaton, Live, Raymond Bar Clermont-Fd (Fr), May 8 2011

Andy Moor guitar (The Ex, Dog Faced Hermans) and french sound poet Anne Jame Chaton (voice, laptop) recorded live on may 8 2011. Buy their releases : Unsound DOWNLOAD   Last concert organized by my friend Sebastien. Enormous thanks to him. Ouverture by ceMeuble & Benoit XVI trio (+) and closed by Pied Gauche. Great soirée.
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19 mai 2011

Mustapha Skandrani, Musique Classique Algérienne, Les Artistes Arabes Associés (72517), LP, 19??

Mustapha Skandrani (né le 17 novembre 1920 à Alger - décédé en octobre 2005 dans la même ville) est un musicien, compositeur, chef d’orchestre et pédagogue algérien de chaâbi algérois.   Side A (22') : Rebi Ya Moudjib, Âchiyatoun, Haremtou Bik Naoussi, Ach Hal Matatoul, Ya Saki Oueski, Ya Ahl Elandalous, Kaliftou Bil Badri Side B (21') : Ouahd El Ghouziel, Ya Men Dara, Ya Moukabil, Daani Ya Nadim, Ya Nas Djaretli Gharaib, Zendani, Ama Tetaki Allah DOWNLOAD
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16 mai 2011

The Legendary Pink Dots, Live, Rennes Brittany/Fr, Ubu, Feb. 27 1988

Full length live recording with good sound. Enjoy ! 01 intro 02 True Love 03 A Strychnine Kiss 04 Neon Mariners 05 A Lust for Powder 06 Mmmm, Animal 07 The gallery 08 The Light in my Little Girl's Eyes 09 Echo Police 10 Underglass 11 Curious Guy 12 Love Puppets 13 Poppy Day 14 The Dairy 15 I'm the way, the Truth, the Light 16 Flowers for the Silverman 17 Plasma Twins 18 Love in a Plain Brown Envelope DOWNLOAD
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12 mai 2011

Messageros Killers Boys, Le Trésor des Iles Chiennes (Original Soundtrack), Bondage Prod., CD, 1991

Messageros Killers Boys (aka MKB fraction provisoire) is an early french punk band. In 1990 they composed this soundtrack for the film 'Le Trésor des Iles Chiennes' directed by their singer JF Ossang. Excellent experimental/industrial sounds, very very recommanded. DOWNLOAD
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09 mai 2011

Stein, Steinzeit, Our Choice, Lp, 1992

This is the second LP by Stein, here in a limitate transparent vinyl edition. Unfortunatly tracks are not indexed seen that i've not enough information. Side A : 1. Für Elfriede a.Baylok b.Claws c.Beissen der Männer d.Auftritt e.Finale 2. Quai West Ouverture 3. Wolken. Heim. 4. Persische Suite a.Hellespont b.Traum vom angenehmen Leben c.Auftritt des Boten d.Dareios Geist Side B : 5. Mr Smith 6. Anna Fierling genannt Courage a.1625 b.Heute Unser c.Steinzeit d.Wenn solche Schneewind wehen e.Hoyerswerda f.Die Courage zieht weiter ... [Lire la suite]
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