06 octobre 2011

Nurse With Wound, Ostranenie 1913, Third Mind Records, LP, 1983

Another one I've borrowed from my friend Sebastien's collection. Steven Stapleton aided by John Fothergil and Jac Berrocal on side A, and John Fothergil, David Tibet and Sinan on side B. One track per side. Side A : Ostranenie     Side B : DADA DONWLOAD
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03 octobre 2011

The World of Harry Partch, Columbia Masterwors, LP, 1969

A record I've borrowed from my friend Sebastien. Harry Partch (1901-1974) is an American visionary composer, he worked angainst established musical tradition, using microtonal scale (otave divided in 43 tones) so he has to built is own instruments. Side A : 01-Daphne of the Dunes (17:25) Side B : 02-Barstow Eight Hitchhiker Inscriptions from a Highwayailing at Barstow, California (9:20) 03-Castor & Pollux A Dance for the Twin Rhythms of Gemini from Plectra & Percussion Dances (16:20) DOWNLOAD
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26 septembre 2011

The Mekons, S/T, Red Rhino Rec., Lp, 1980

I begin a series of contribution from some friends of mine. Today Witold Bolik shares with us the second album by The Mekons produced by Red Rhino Rec in 1980. The Mekons (myspace/wikipedia) is a band from Leeds formed in 1977 by a group of students from which also emerged Delta 5 and, more well-known, Gang of Four. The Mekons are still active nowadays. Side A : 1-Snow 2-St Patrick's Day 3-DP Miller 4-Institution 5-I'm so Happy 6-Chopper Squad  Side B : 7-Business 8-The Trimden Grange Explosion 9-Karen 10-Caporal Chalkie... [Lire la suite]
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22 septembre 2011

Sklarska Poreba, Fra Dolcino Prod., Cd-R, 2001

After the death of Fra Dolcino, Jean François (alias SFJP), my brother Pierre (NF) and I formed Sklarska Poreba with our great friend Michael from Germany and Xavier, now my ceMeuble's mate. Our music focussed in pure industrials sounds using mainly human strength, early Test Dept / Einstuerzende Neubauten like. This is our first, and only one, CD we produced, collecting live recordings.   1-Intro 2-Khalis 3-Nutzlos 4-Courant d'Air & Brocolis 5-Petra 6-Plomb 7-Courant d'Air & Brocolis 8-Primary Feeder Jam ... [Lire la suite]
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21 septembre 2011

Art & Technique, Diabolus in Mecanica, Hi-Tec Records, LP, 1982

Another highlight from the 80's french underground scene. Highly recommanded. Side A :01 Waka-Waka 02 T. Form 03 Ô Soudan 04 Alléluiah Kadafi 05 Paris au mois d'Août 06 Live à Berlin   Side B: 07 H. TG 08 Vatican Sound 09 Etnic 10 Diabolus in Mecanica DOWNLOAD  
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19 septembre 2011

Japon I, Collection Ocora, LP, 1980 (reed. 1982)

This record, from the Ocora Collection, presents two representative forms of Japanese music from the modern period, with pieces for Biwa (a kind of lute) on side A and for Shakuhachi (a bamboo-made flute) on side B. Side A : Atsumori 27'50 Side B : Ko-kû (Vacuity) 7'50 Tsuru no Sugomori (crane's nest) 6'30 Daha (breaking of waves) 3'50 Shika no tône (Deer's troat heard from afar) 9'50 DONWLOAD [tracks are not indexed on side B]
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12 septembre 2011

Zoviet France, Norsch, Red Rhino Rcds, Lp, 1983

The fourth album by Zoviet France, wich have to be played at 45 rpm, is include in an heavy aluminium sheet. The one I have is in bad condition.     Side A : 1.Norsch Baelmaen 2.Norsch Tauss Side B : 3.Norsch Virang 4.Norsch Imirsh 5.Norsch Vorvah   DOWNLOAD get their entire discography here
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05 septembre 2011

Pierre Schaeffer & Pierre Henry, Symphonie Pour un Homme Seul / Concerto des Ambiguïtés, Philips, Lp, 1972

Face A : Pierre Shaeffer & Pierre Henry "Symphonie Pour un Homme Seul" En 1949, Pierre Schaeffer et Pierre Henry composent la première oeuvre de musique concrète. La "Symphonie pour un homme seul" a été composée en vingt-deux mouvements au Studio d'Essai de la RTF sur 4 platines de disques souples (avant la mise en service du magnétophone). Le 18 mars 1950, c'est la première et unique audition de la version d'origine en concert, à Paris, à la salle de l'École normale de musique, l'oeuvre dure alors 1 heure et 20 minutes.... [Lire la suite]
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30 juin 2011

Best Of Vox Populi! + Ethnyc (seven previously unreleased tracks)

  The band Vox Populi! was created at the begining of the 80's in Paris by Axel Kyrou. Together with his friend Pierre Jolivet (aka Pacific 231), he created VP231, an independant music label. In 1983, 7" 'Ectoplasmie' has been edited. At first his music registers in a synthetic, cold and minimal vein, representative of this period. But, after he mets vocalist Mitra (his future wife) and her brother Arash (percussions), coming from Iran, Vox Populi! gets a very unique tint, melting post-industrial, psychedelic and ethnic... [Lire la suite]
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27 juin 2011

Dead Can Dance, Live, Town & Country Club, London, 8-6-1986

1. Persephone 2. The Arcane 3. The Children's Toy 4. Dreams Made Flesh 5. Advent 6. Carnival of Light 7. Cardinal Sin 8. Ocean 9 Indoctrination 10. At First & Then DOWNLOAD
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