05 mars 2012

Complot Bronswick

Today, I propose you two very rares recordings by Complot Bronswick, another great french band (from Rennes), an 1000 ex limited edition 7" produced by Divine record in 1985, and an extract of a show (about 30 min. long) recorded in Rennes on June 20 1983. Enjoy ! Complot Bronswick, Untitled, Divine Rec., 7", 1985 Side A : Yellow Face Side B : Twist Again  + Complot Bronswick, Live Rennes, June 20 1983 DOWNLOAD  
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01 mars 2012

End Of Data, Sahrah, Divine Rec., LP, 1984

First, and excellent, album by End Of Data, a french cold wave band from Rennes, Brittany. From minimal synth pop to energic new wave stuff.   Side A : 01. End Of Data I 02. End Of Data II 03. If i'm not a killer 04. Follow me and so Side B : 05. Like a succession I 06. Like a succession II 07. Trottodaf 08. Sahrah 09. Symphonie inachevée   DOWNLOAD  
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26 février 2012

Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, Raga Pancham Kosh, Auvidis, LP, 1984

The rudra-Veena is made from a thick bamboo cane which acts as a sound box, with two big resonators made from calabashes attached to each end. [...] It is probably the oldest string instrument in India and the ancestor of the sitar. Le gend has it thati it was created by Shiva himself inspired by the shape and gracefulness of his wife, Parvati. [...] Born in 1929 in Udaipur (Rajasthan), Mohiuddin Dagar is the pupil of his father Ustad Zia Uddin Dagar who sang and played the rudra-veena and was the court musician of the Maharajah of... [Lire la suite]
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20 février 2012

Current 93 / Sickness of Snakes, 93 Current 93 / Nightmare Culture, LAYLAH antirec., mini LP, 1985

On side A - "Time for tea and feed the thing" 93 Current 93 : 01.Killy Kill Killy 12:15 Current 93 may be : John Balance, Paul Donnan, Steve Ignorant, John Murphy, Boyd Rice, Steve Stapleton, Tibet 93, Tathata Wallis. On side B - "I slept with faith - and wake up with a corpse in my arms." Sickness Of Snakes : 02.Various Hands 3:15 03.The Swelling of Leeches [Balance, Christopherson, Rice] 2:55 04.The Pope Held Upside Down [Balance, Christopherson] 3:28 Three tracks recorded and mixed in 9 hours. For this project, Sickness Of... [Lire la suite]
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13 février 2012

Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa, Melchior [Aufmarsch der Schlampen], United Dairies, LP, 1986

Masterpiece ! Seite 1 : Brate Mich Auf Offenem Feuer - Im Sommer Gibts Nix Zu Essen - Ohne Zu Zögern Gewann Die Gans Zigarette - Mastvieh Ohne Socken [not indexed]  Seite 2 : Tonnenschwer im Abendkleid [indexed in 5 parts] pt#1 DOWNLOAD Thank you Xavier for lending.
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09 février 2012

300mA, Live, Atelier Jaune, Clermont [Fr], Feb 4 2012

300mA (read "300 milli-Ampères") is a industrial-blues duet formed by Super Jean François Plomb (Mechanized suitcase..) and Damien Grange (voice, cùmbùs..) in 2006. Here is a good live recording @ Atelier Jaune, here in Clermont-Ferrand, center of france.   DOWNLOAD
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06 février 2012

Grrr, s/t, autoprod., LP, 1984

Excellent record by Grrr, a dutch punk band, from the Wormer scene, close to Alerta, Zvästox (pre-De Kift), Zowiso and, of course, Rondos and The Ex. Zwart side : B1 Hé soldier B2 Navo strategie B3 Brave new world B4 Holland mijn gifland B5 He had to eat his dog B6 Fools talk Wit side : A1 Tuf Tuf A2 Cruelty A3 Ahmed A4 No more riots A5 Soldiers grief A6 Herman DOWNLOAD Another big thanx to my friend Sebastien for lending !
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30 janvier 2012

Berio Maderna Xenakis Kagel, Prospective 21° Siècle, LP, 1970

"Cet enregistrement doit être écouté à Fort volume et dans l'obscurité." "This recording must be played loud in the darkness" Side A : Luciano Berio, né en 1925 à Imperio-Oneglia, élève au conservatiore G. Verdi de Milan, études musicales avec Dallapiccola. En 1955, il fonda le Studio de Phonologie de la Radiodiffusion Italienne de Milan. 01.Momenti 02.Omaggio A joyce Bruno Maderna, né en 1920 à Venise, élève de Bustini et Malipiere pour la composition, et de Hermann Scherchen pour la direction d'orchestre. Co-fondateur avec Berio... [Lire la suite]
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27 janvier 2012

ceMeuble #10, "The eye listens...The ear sees" soundtrack

ceMeuble composed a soundtrack for the project of the blog Otorragie "The eye listens...The ear sees". Music influenced by the vision of the video.
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23 janvier 2012

Ron Anderson, Anything is Possible, Megaphone/Amanita Rcds, CD, 2000

Another one from my friend Sebastien's collection, an ecxellent CD by Ron Anderson with numerous collaborations. 01 From a hotel in Palermo 02 Talk it all out 03 Osaka 04 Swim'in fly05 Jac's bicycle is music to my ears06 Flying in the face of convention07 Dharma Bums 08 Destroy all monsters 09 A room full of mirrors is no place to hide 10 Crank 11 How to kill a cat12 Downtown is that way13 Sub-tropical Shrub 14 Slow to increase slack 15 Death by pannettone 16 Hollywood square 17 Latex in the fourth dimension 18 That fog again 19... [Lire la suite]
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