18 janvier 2011

Drums of the Yoruba of Nigeria, Folkways Rcds, Lp, 1953

(*) Recorded By William Bascom during the Festival of Orishlanla at Oyo (Nigeria) 1953. From part of the beautiful 'Ethnic Folkways Library' series, hard to find recordings from late 40's to ... I don't know exactely. Leave a comment if you know more about that series. Thanks. Side A : IGBIN DRUMS 3 Tracks. Side B : 1. DUN DUN DRUMS (Talking drums) 2. DUN DUN DRUMS (individual parts) 3. DUN DUN DRUMS and SHEKERE RATTLES 4. BATA DRUMS : FOR SHANGO 5. BATA DRUMS : FOR OYA 6. BATA DRUMS : EGUNGUN 7. BATA DRUMS : FOR SHAPANA 8. BATA... [Lire la suite]
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15 janvier 2011

Flux Of Pink Indians, The Fucking Counts Treat Us Like Pricks, Spiderleg Rcds, 2xLp, 1984

So here is the second Flux record. More original, very unique but also very hard to listen a true experience, very trying. This album is about men and women relationships, especially violence ones, rape, as one of the member of the band had been sexually assaulted in his youth. A very impressive record. The following of the article on wikipedia : The band's second LP, The fucking counts treat us like pricks, was banned by retailers HMV, and copies were seized by Greater Manchester police from Eastern Bloc record shop, which was... [Lire la suite]
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11 janvier 2011

Flux Of Pink Indians, Strive to Survive Causing the Least Suffering Possible, Spiderleg Rcds, Lp, 1983

Time for a good old anarcho-punk record : first lp by Flux Of Pink Indians released on their own label Spiderleg record in 1983. Plus, I add their 1981 first ep on crass records. Wikipedia : The band formed from the remaining members of the Epileptics (who later changed their name to Epi-X due to letters of complaint from The British Epilepsy Association) by Colin Latter (vocals) and Derek Birkett (bass) with guitarists Andy Smith, Neil Puncher, and drummer Sid Ation (who was also a member of Rubella Ballet). Their debut EP... [Lire la suite]
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08 janvier 2011


Ptôse was a french band from Niort (center of France) active from 1979 to 1987. They were involved in the international underground network (cassette culture, mail art) through their own label PPP (Ptôse Production Présente). Most of the time they are considered to be "the French Residents". Here are three of their recordings. Ignobles Limaces, AYAA Rcds, Lp, 1984 side A : 1. Boule (viens ici)! 2. Eat your fish! 3. Waiting for my soul 4. Ecraser la vermine! 5 In your bush side B : 6. La nuit des sauriens 7. Like a mouse 8. Sticky... [Lire la suite]
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03 janvier 2011

Ptôse, Live, Rennes, Salle de la Cité, 15 Dec. 1983

So ... happy new year, bla bla ... To begin this new year a very rare recording, french cult band Ptôse live in Rennes, for the fifth edition of the 'Transmusicales' festival, december 1983. I&II. La nuit des Sauriens 1&2 III. Eat your Fish ! IV. Waiting for my Soul V. Ecraser la Vermine VI. The big Chief VII. Boule (Viens Ici)! VIII. Sticky Soul! IX. Our Only Food ... X. The Bogyman XI. Wrap [tom tom club cover] DOWNLOAD NB : sound is not quite good, but enormous historical value for sure, only for fans !
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22 décembre 2010

David Hykes - The Harmonic Choir, Hearing Solar Winds, Coll. Ocora, Lp, 1980

The Harmonic choir was formed by David Hykes in 1975. An accomplished experimental filmmaker with a deep interest in traditional and sacred music, David Hykes had already acquired broad familiarity with the music of West and Central Asia when he first heard of the Hoomi singing (literally "throat singing") indigenous to western Mongolia, and the overtone chanting of Tantric Tibetan Buddhism. In the Hoomi tradition, singers produce a fundamental tone in the bass or baritone range, and then by extemely precise modulation of... [Lire la suite]
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17 décembre 2010

Krackhouse, The Whole Truth, Shimmy Disc, LP, 1987

The first lp by krackhouse, twenty two shorts tracks still so crazy but more "primitive". side A  01 In my Fantasy 02 Sideshow 03 Mozambique 1975 04 Why I Have to Cry 05 Kennelration Generation 06 Cria 07 Boomerang 08 Potato Head 09 Sit-Com 10 Precious Teardrops 11 Kill-Joy Side B 12 Burger King Town 13 Panacea 14 Ronnie Qaddaffy 15 Labor Day 16 Room 701 17 Hound Dog Run 18 Where You Gonna Go 19 Discouraged Apartment Seeker 20  Please I'm Finished 21 Dream Vingo Life 22 B & W DOWNLOAD
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14 décembre 2010

You Suck!, The You Suck Chant, The Only Label In The World, ep, 1983

Another one from my friend Sebastien collection, if you like funky music and real bad taste, this is for you !   side A : The You Suck Chant side B : Get The Fuck Off The Stage DOWNLOAD    
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13 décembre 2010

Normes Françaises 1711294046029, Les Limites de l'Identité Sexuelle, Fra Dolcino Prod., C40, 1999

Normes Françaises 1711294046029 (= NF) is a Fra Dolcino side project run by the one responsible of the two last posts. Thanks. Post-industrial, ambient stuff. The music of NF consists of sampled manipulated and repeted sounds on which one can hear voices, perhaps songs, in various languages. ambiences are created, or even recreated, they draw inspiration out of the past, of the present. In concert, these sounds and voices come from tape recorders and a laptop. The man seldom intervenes. He becomes machine and machines become... [Lire la suite]
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04 décembre 2010

$wans, Live, Epicerie Moderne - Feyzin [Lyon], 1er Dec 2010

Another contribution from my brother. Dedicated to all the people who couldn't be there (like me) due to meteorological perturbation : snow + big frost. Great show, great sound, don't hesitate ! DOWNLOAD Live Report (french readers only) + pics here
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