27 mai 2010

Radikal Satan, Live, Hotel des Vils / Clermont-Fd (Fr), April 27th 2010

After the long time french activists, I continue with another live recording, this time member of the new flourishing french scene : Radikal Satan. They blow up any previously known music."Tango Indus Pshyche Obsessionel" announces the fly, may be it's true, in any case it was a real great show. DOWNLOAD (Photo unknown) You can get another RS live recording here. All their records are no more available but you can check the Potagers Natures website.
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21 mai 2010

Marteau Rouge, Live, Le Point Ephemere / Paris, Dec. 2004

Today, my dear contributor Xam, shares with us a live recording he made of Marteau Rouge at Le Point Ephemere (Paris), during december 2004. Marteau Rouge is a trio of improvised music lead by long time french activist guitar player Jean Francois Pauvros, Jean-Marc Foussat plays vintage synthesizer and Makoto Sato on drums. Great moment of still never heard sounds, excellent free music and a pretty good sound. .......... DOWNLOAD You can buy a cd of marteau rouge together with Evan Parker (saxophone) here. ps: did you know that... [Lire la suite]
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03 mai 2010

BLURT, Live, Raymond Bar / Clermont-Fd (F), 1 Mai 2010

Very nice show last saturday night by legendary UK band Blurt. I'm very proud, the sound quality is excellent, don't hesitate, get it! DONWLOAD Event at the Raymond Bar feeds by the Hand Clapping Girl. I seize the opportunity to share this excellent ep by Ted Milton playing together with Goz Of Kermeur, a swiss band active from 1991 to 2000. The rip contains the ep. **** Update 9 Nov 2010 : see comments for tracklist. ****
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30 avril 2010

Clair Obscur, Live, Paris, Les Halles, 26 April 1984

Should I stop with Clair Obscur ? There is no reason, here is a good live recording. 17 titles / 57'38.DOWNLOAD At the end of the tape I've retrieved an interview for the fanzine 'Alpha Area' ran by my brother from late 80's to early 90's when he was a teenager. French listeners only / Not includes in the rip.       Many thanks to El Limbo von Punsch for tracklisting : 01 Intro 02 The Rope 03 Blume 04 Tremendous 05 Ubu 06 Die Kinder sind allein 07 Zeda 08 KG 09 Toundra 10 Auld Lang Syne 11 The Pilgrim's Progress... [Lire la suite]
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14 avril 2010

Sightings, Live, Raymond Bar, Clermont Fd, 2 July 2008

After their harsh debute albums as a duo, No Wave influences are more present in recent Sightings music. Good live recording, follow this band ! DOWNLOAD
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02 mars 2010

US Girls, LIVE, Raymond Bar, Clermont Fd, 2 Fev. 2010

US Girls is a pretty young woman playing a kind of noisy touching pop. Alone on stage with her equipment on a table : a low-fi/plastic-made tape player, a 4 tracks mixing desk, 2 or 3 effect pedals and a mic ... let's go for a very charming trip ! She has played songs from her last album 'Go Grey' you can order here. The concert was organized by The Hand Clapping Girls. Download
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18 février 2010

Sonic Boom, Live Mo'Fo Fest, St Ouen, 2005 16 June

"Voici un enregistrement live de Sonic Boom au festival Mo'Fo de St Ouen, à Mains d'Oeuvres en été 2005. Très original pour du Sonic Boom en live, vu qu'il officie d'habitude dans du pseudo Kraftwerk/Suicide et pas du tout dans de l'ambient minimaliste. Il était seul avec un VCS3 et dos au public pendant tout le set." Recorded and ripped by XAM, thanks. DOWNLOAD
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23 janvier 2010

Vox Populi!, Live, Excalibur - Paris, 29 March 1988

Today I share an extraordinary document, a live recording of VP! Axel offers me this tape last summer, when this blog doesn't exist yet. He told me that nearly all tracks appear on tapes or compilations, but you've never heard an entire live of VP! don't you ? It's all the interest of this recording as a token of what was Vox Populi! on stage in 1988. It's as if you were there, only few cuts. The sound quality is very good, it's recorded directely from the mixing desk outputs, and digitalisation has been checked by Axel himself. They... [Lire la suite]
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14 novembre 2009

Zu, Live Clermont-Fd, Raymond Bar, 11 Nov. 2009

Excellente soirée ce merc 11 nov. au Raymond Bar. Un public nombreux, des concerts dans chaque pièce : scène, gd bar, petit bar. Que demander de plus ? Un peu déçu tout de même par le nouveau choix musical du trio Italien (basse, batterie, sax) ZU. Je suis plutôt hermétique au son métal et leur dernier disque produit par Mike Patton, ne m'a pas plu. Mais visiblement c'est ce qu'ils veulent et ce qu'ils ont toujours voulu. A mon humble avis 'The way of the animal Power' reste leur meilleur album, une collaboration avec Fred Lonberg au... [Lire la suite]
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06 octobre 2009

Zu, Live St Etienne, 14 Mois, 8 dec. 2000

Zu est un trio italien basse/saxo/batterie qui propose un free-jazz-punk des plus revigorant. Concert enregistré par moi-même, le son est correct surtout sur les derniers titres, magnifiques silences ... Il faut avouer que l'on était pas nombreux. 11 tracks recorded live (by myself). #7 #9 DOWNLOAD
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