26 mars 2012

Four Walls, Live, Nevers / Café Charbon, March 30 2001

After Tom Cora premature death in 1998, and so the end of Roof, vocalist Phil Minton, drummer Michael Watcher and bass player Luc (ex-)Ex, formed Four Walls together with pianist Veryan Weston. Both very impressives musicians, in my Top 10 best show I've seen. DOWNLOAD  
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23 janvier 2012

Ron Anderson, Anything is Possible, Megaphone/Amanita Rcds, CD, 2000

Another one from my friend Sebastien's collection, an ecxellent CD by Ron Anderson with numerous collaborations. 01 From a hotel in Palermo 02 Talk it all out 03 Osaka 04 Swim'in fly05 Jac's bicycle is music to my ears06 Flying in the face of convention07 Dharma Bums 08 Destroy all monsters 09 A room full of mirrors is no place to hide 10 Crank 11 How to kill a cat12 Downtown is that way13 Sub-tropical Shrub 14 Slow to increase slack 15 Death by pannettone 16 Hollywood square 17 Latex in the fourth dimension 18 That fog again 19... [Lire la suite]
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16 janvier 2012

Metal Eater, Virus, Amanita Rec., CD, 1998

Metal Eater is Ron Anderson (Molecules, Pak ...) & Steve Buchanan : electric alto saxophone, electric guitar, percussive dancing, voice, percussion, drum machine. A 500 copies cd, produced by regretted french label Amanita, inserted in an 7" silk creen sleeve. Free noise rock. 01 The Black Death [Bubonic Plague]02 Ebola Zaire 03 Anthrax 04 Machupo05 Syphilis 06 Rubella 07 Homo Sapiens 08 Human Immunodeficiency Virus - 1 09 Hepatitis-C 10 Marburg 11 Rabies12 Yellow Fever 13 Sin Nombre Hantivirus DOWNLOAD
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11 novembre 2011

Horrific Child, L'Etrange Mr Whinster, Arabella Prod., LP, 1976

FORMULE :Frayeur ........................................................ 0,25%Angoisse ....................................................... 0,25%H.I.A. ........................................................... 0,50%INTERET :La plupart des affections nerveuses s'accompagnent de perturbations graves. Le traitement de Monsieur "Whinster" permet aux amateurs de sensations fortes de satisfaire rapidement leur processus émotif et d'aviver leur canal lacrymal en agissant sur leur hypersensibilité.Le spectre de "Monsieur Whinster",... [Lire la suite]
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24 octobre 2011

Smegma, Pigs for Lepers, Harbinger Sound, CD version orig. 1982 LP

"Smegma was formed in early 1973, helped form the Los Angeles Free Music Society, produced a video show in San Diego, CA called The Terminal Time Warp Hour. Moved to Portland in 1975. Continued to contribute to L.A.F.M.S. recording projects, formed Pigface Records, produced several video epics, have released many records." 1.Antbone          2.ID-O-MATIC             3.In The Murder... [Lire la suite]
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11 octobre 2011

Terry Riley

Hi, you're still on the Art Of Losing musicblog. Reminding you I'm in a series of contributions of some friends of mine. Sebastien, once again, lend me these two recordings by Terry Riley. Essentials ones. In C, Columbia Masterworks, Lp, 1968 compositon round the C note. Side A, the begining (23:50), the end on side B (19:30) DOWNLOAD   [...]"Drug-Addict Music", some say ; whereas it is more like "Music-Drug" to which you become addicted in spite of yourself, which suffices[...]   Poppy Nogood & The Phantom Band... [Lire la suite]
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03 octobre 2011

The World of Harry Partch, Columbia Masterwors, LP, 1969

A record I've borrowed from my friend Sebastien. Harry Partch (1901-1974) is an American visionary composer, he worked angainst established musical tradition, using microtonal scale (otave divided in 43 tones) so he has to built is own instruments. Side A : 01-Daphne of the Dunes (17:25) Side B : 02-Barstow Eight Hitchhiker Inscriptions from a Highwayailing at Barstow, California (9:20) 03-Castor & Pollux A Dance for the Twin Rhythms of Gemini from Plectra & Percussion Dances (16:20) DOWNLOAD
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24 novembre 2010

Don Cherry, Brown Rice, EMI Italia, LP, 1975

As I really enjoyed "Eternal Now", my friend Sebastien lend me some other Don Cherry records. I will share two of them. Today the first one, "Brown Rice", much closer to what we can expect from free jazz tag than "Eternal Now". Side A : 1. Brown Rice 5'14 2. Malkauns 13'59 Side B : 3. Chenrezig 12'50 4. Degi-Degi 7'05 DONWLOAD
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08 novembre 2010

PFS, Illustrative Problems, Cuneiform Rcds, LP, 1986

PFS were conceived in 1983 in San Francisco, by Scott Brazieal (piano, keyboards and tapes), Herbert Diamant (saxes and bassoon) and Gary Parra (percussion and noises), all of whom had previously had a reasonably successful career in the instrumental avant-prog band CARTOON.  However, musically, PFS are much darker in their sound and take more influences from classical composers, such as ROBERT SCHUMANN, BÉLA BARTÓK and LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN, rather than CARTOON's more quirky cartoon and chamber rock influences.  PFS... [Lire la suite]
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25 juin 2010

Don Cherry, Eternal Now, Sonet Prod., LP, 1974

I'm (almost) discovering this record with you. I've bought it 2 weeks ago at the flea market, and I'm still under the impression. Everybodies knows Don Cherry for his collaborations with the early free jazz activists Ornette Colmenan and Albert Ayler in the 50's, but if you liked my psychedelic Vox Populi! post, and terrestrials tunes such as Raksha Mancham, O Yuki Conjugate or Vasilisk you should enjoyed this LP (side B = wah! wah ! wah!). Side A : 1. Gamla Stan - The Old Town by Night (7:40) 2. Love Train (7:40) 3. Bass Figure... [Lire la suite]
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