"The world is moved when the architectural remains of a civilisation which has been dead for two thousand years are threatened to be destroyed, and all the papers made it a point to describe the efforts and the colossal expenses incurred to preserve the Egyptian temples of the High Nile Valley. It seems that the destruction under our very eyes of a culture perfectely alive touches us much less : will something remain of this admirable tantric mahayana Buddhism ? The cultural and spiritual heritage of the Tibetans, their psychological and mystical achievements are in danger. This record preserves a few aspects of the lamas' sacred music."

side ASide A :
01 Danse Gelukpa [Bonnets Jaunes]
02 Ceremonie d'Offrande [Sculptures de Beurre]
03 Priere de l'Ordre Kargyudpa
04 Ceremonie du "Port de la Coiffe Noire" [Monastère Karma-Kargyudpa]

Side B : Culte au Monatere Nyingmapa de Rewalsar
05 Sequence #1 [Longues trompes]
06 Sequence #2 [Trompes, percussions et prières]
rear07 Sequence #3 [Trompes, percussions et prière]

Rite Nyingma d'Abisheka
08 Sequence #1 [Trompes, percussions]
09 Sequence #2 [Trompes, percussions]

10 Rite de Tchodau Monastere Nyingma de Kalimpone [Prière, percussions et trompes]

Rite Tantrique Nyingmapa
11 Sequence #1 [Prière, percussions et trompes]
12 Sequence #2 [Prière, percussions et trompes]