I continue with 'Orchestre Rouge' with two live recordings. The first one is the lp "Des Restes" which contains live recordings plus some demos, it's their last album before the band splitted as some members followed Theo Hakola in his new project 'Passion Fodder'. The second one is a live broadcasted programme named 'Feed Back' hosted by Bernard Lenoir, the fench John Peel, on national radio France Inter on march 16th 1982.

collageDes Restes, Autoprod., Lp, 1985
side A : A1 Hole in this thigh - studio DB Oct 1981 A2 Catholic eyes - Paris Dec 1982 A3 Soon come violence - Paris Dec 1982 A4 Speakerine - Paris Dec 1982 A5 Friction [Television] - Auray Mai 1982
Side B : B1 Consul - Strasbourg Oct 1982 B2 Where family happens - Berlin Avr 1983 B3 Seconds grate - Auray Mai 1982 B4 Shadow play [Joy division] - Berlin Avr 1983 B5 Kazzetlers zeks - studio DB Oct 1981



animLive, Paris, Bus Palladium, 16-03-1982 (french live broadcasted programme)

01 Hole in this thigh 02 Je cherche une drogue [qui ne fait pas mal] 03 Soon come violence 04 Soft kiss 05 Red orange blue 06 Where family happens 07 Crows 08 Slugs 09 Speakrine 10 Consul 11 Kazzetlers zeks