PFS were conceived in 1983 in San Francisco, by Scott Brazieal (piano, keyboards and tapes), Herbert Diamant (saxes and bassoon) and Gary Parra (percussion and noises), all of whom had previously had a reasonably successful career in the instrumental avant-prog band CARTOON.  However, musically, PFS are much darker in their sound and take more influences from classical composers, such as ROBERT SCHUMANN, BÉLA BARTÓK and LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN, rather than CARTOON's more quirky cartoon and chamber rock influences.  PFS incorporate tape loops, courtesy of Brazieal (a former student of the San Francisco Conservatory) and with Diamant and Parra, they are primarily a three-piece instrumental chamber rock-style band who play with their own unique style, with flair and panache. From 'Prog Archive' website, read more.

sida_aside_bSide A : 01 All Bach'd Up - 02 Civil Circus - 03 Haruspex - 04 White Boys with no Rhythm - 05 Buster Keaton - 06 Illustrative Problems
Side B : 07 Cold Shower - 08 My Niece from Pittsburg in 1992 - 09 23rd Hour - 10 Nicht Shuldig - 11 Amsterdam