Mnong Gar Music from Vietnam, Collection Musée de l'Homme, Anthology of Proto-Indochinese music Vol. 1, Recordings, photographs and notes by Georges Condominas.


Side A : 1. Flat Gong Sets, cing 2. Flat Gong Sets, cing [Mnong Buu Nör] 3. Flat Gong Sets, cing [Maa' Bölöö] 4. Flat Gong Sets, cing 5. Drum and Flat Gongs, nggör baal cing 6. Funeral laments, noo nyiim khöt


7. Drum, nggör 8. Songs, noo toong toong 9. An old song, mpöt yau 10. Love song, noo toong söh 11 & 12. Mouth Organ, mbuat 13. Love song, noo toong söh 14. "Sayings of the boosed gongs", noo goong 15. Idiocordic tubular zither, cing boong rlaa, 16. Lithophone from Ndut Lieng Krak