Good day for all Vox Populi! fans, Axel collected seven others previously unreleased tracks, he named the ensemble 'Neynarea'. Seventeen minutes of experimental / ethnic / ambient trip.  Thank you Axel.

Tracklist :
01 Ranaa
02 Getting to know Venus
03 Let us get higher
04 Somebody's calling my name
05 Be bare man
06 Harpe bi-directionnelle
07 Golpari june

Recorded between 1986 and 1992 in Paris,Personnel :
Axel Kyrou : Synthesizer, Sampler, Tapes, Mix
Arash Khalatbari : Percussions, Flute, Sanza, Vocals
Mitra Kyrou-Khalatbari : Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Fr6 Man : Guitar and bass on 'Let us get higher', Bass on 'Somebody's calling my name'
François Poli : Vocals on 'Somebody's calling my name'
Chester Harlan : Guitar on 'Be bare man'
Cram : Drums on 'Somebody's calling my name'

                                                       Photo by Axel Kyrou

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