flyToday I share an extraordinary document, a live recording of VP! Axel offers me this tape last summer, when this blog doesn't exist yet. He told me that nearly all tracks appear on tapes or compilations, but you've never heard an entire live of VP! don't you ? It's all the interest of this recording as a token of what was Vox Populi! on stage in 1988. It's as if you were there, only few cuts. The sound quality is very good, it's recorded directely from the mixing desk outputs, and digitalisation has been checked by Axel himself. They allways ended their shows with an improvisation, tracks #10&11 are some them remixed, it's "bonus". Unfortunatly the first track is cut at its begining.
Axel remembers : "People mainly came for the second band, Rosa Crux (king of gothic french scene). We were dressed in coloured, psychedelic, exotic, the atmosphere was black and cold ... at the beginning only".



At the time of this recording, VP! were :
Axel Kyrou (aka Gnouf Tap) : synth, small instruments, mixing desk
Arach Khalatbari : percussions, small instruments
Mitra Kyrou Khalatbari : Vocals
FR6 Man : Bass
Laurent Perrier (courtesy of Nox) : Guitar, Trumpet
Laurent Pernice (courtesy of Nox) on #8 : percussions, tape

Tracklist : 01.Totem 02.Sirene 03.Tchi Tchi Vox 04.La Grande Plante Fibreuse 05.? 06.Opération Banquise 07.? 08.? 09.Impro 10 & 11 Bonus





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Right now a new line up of Vox Populi! is working on a real new album. Axel is a music maniac, he owns the biggest private record collection I've ever seen, very open musicaly, interested in heavy, crazy stuff (such as first Chrome, Meat Beat Manifesto, nowadays Sightings, he enjoys noisy wall of sound ...) as well as more flighty stuff but never commercial stupidity of course. It's this light side of music they work out, the experimental side is reserved to collaboration (w/ Pacific 231 or Valley Of Capsule).


-- All musics and pics come from Axel's achives, thanks to him

-- Link's inspiration : Nostalgie de la Boue